Solid wood #screendoor too thick

by Riki
(Clare valley SA)

Hi I want to replace my back wood screen door with a replacement wood screen door I purchased . The door is the right height and width but the wood is thicker by 1/4 inch , the door swings out with what looks like old piano style hinges , the hinges are on the outside not the inside , as the wood door is fitting into a metal frame , can I do something like perhaps pack the hinges on the frame so the door sits flush ? Hope this makes sense .. I am a 60 year old lady tackling home renovations thankyou

Hi Riki;

I'm thinking it would be easiest to look for a quarter inch thicker casing that you could put around the door frame so that the new wooden storm door would be flush with the casing.

Thick wide casings would most likely complement the style of the wooden door and make the entrance look as if it was built that way 100 years ago.

A thick casing would also give you a thicker mounting area for the door hinges which need something substantial to screw into to carry the weight of the new wooden door.

Since the wooden door is mounting inside a steel frame its probably not possible to move the door stops back in by a quarter inch because they are built right into the frame.

To the the screen door flush with the existing casing you would end up having to remove the steel door and install a custom made wooden version, with stops located further back.

Why not post some pictures of the wooden door here, perhaps we can come up with more suggestions ?

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