Solar Tint vs Window Screen

If you live in a climate with a lot of sun its quite possible you will get into the solar tint vs window screen debate. Nowadays we have choices.

  • Sun screening which acts just like regular screening and keeps the UV radiation out.
  • Regular window screening which provides little protection from the sun but does keep the bugs out.
  • Window tinting which keeps the sun out but offers no protection against bugs.
  • Should I put Solar Tinting
    on the windows ?

    Lets look at Window tinting as the first item in the solar tint vs window screen debate.

    Most likely you will consider window tinting on window locations that dont often open anyway, or windows you can open like your large picture windows. Putting tinting on all the windows across the front facade of your house looks very good and gives you more privacy without reducing your ability to see out.

    The biggest advantage of solar tint versus window screen is that the tinting offers UV protection for your furniture, which might otherwise discolor from constant exposure to the sun.

    The biggest disadvantage is that when film is applied over new glass, the manufacturers warranty is often voided. If you have a lifetime warranty on your new windows, this could be a very big issue.

    Some tinting companies counter this by offering to take over the manufacturers warranty. This is something you would have to consider very carefully. Is the tinting company going to be up to the challenge of maintaining the service on your windows ?

    The risk of losing the warranty may be be too much for people with recent installations. With older non-warranted windows though, its not so much of an issue.

    Should I use sun Screen on the windows ?

    Solar screening is the new card in the debate. Sun blocking screening combines the bug resistance of regular window screening with a special weave that reduces UV radiation dramatically. You can still see through solar screening and it does provide privacy.

    Of course you can only use Sun Screening on windows that open. You cant cover windows with it like you can with window tinting.

    Sun block screen can be retro-fitted in your existing window screens and it should not pose a problem with new warranties. Although you really should read the fine print in your warranty to make absolutely sure.

    Solar Screening is also a great choice for your porch where you may have no windows suitable for window tinting application.