Small #spline to fit vintage trailers and Hehr #windows

by Ann
(Paradise, Tx)

We are A & P Vintage Trailer Works, Inc., in Paradise, Texas. I am currently working on a 1961 Boles Aero Trailer, that has Hehr windows. This particular window are jalousie type windows.

The screen is replaced from the inside of the window, while in place inside the trailer. I have been trying to use .125, but is too thick. According to our measurement, we need spline 3/32 measurement.

Is this available, or do you have anything that might be comparable. ?


Hi Ann;

I have had a few requests for this spline so I added it to my list prepackaged spline kits on the spline page

My spline is black EPDM, 3/32" diameter. EPDM is a premium synthetic rubber made with additives to improve UV resistance so it resists becoming brittle in the sun.

Took a bit of searching to find this stuff, hope it helps!

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