Sliding screen door for a Guardian patio door

by Tammy B.

I just bought a home with a 6' sliding door but, no screen. I went to Lowe's and bought a screen for my sliding door but, it doesn't fit!

I have a Guardian sliding door. Is this something that I'll need to custom order?

If so, that price will be outrageous, I would imagine.

Why would this door not come with a screen?

Hi Tammy;

Many people move into new houses where the screen is missing. Perhaps the screen doors were promissed and just never got delivered and the builder just overlooked them. Who knows.

You can find those "adjustable" doors at Lowes or Home Depot but as you have discovered, they dont adjust to fit every door.

They also dont work worth a darn either.

My doors are more expensive than the adjustable ones but all are custom built to fit whatever size that your patio door is. They also have much better wheels. And they are built completely in the USA.

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Sep 04, 2020
Where to buy replacement Guardian screen doors
by: Adrian owner of

Just click the "USA Door Kit" link at the top of the left hand menu.

If you still have the old broken door you can get the height and width and color from that

If you need help measuring call or email me, see my contact details at the bottom of the home page at

Sep 04, 2020
Need a screen door
by: Joanne

I have a guardian sliding door and the screen door broke. I can’t find a door to replace the screen. They are all too tall. Where can I buy a door. I no longer have any part
If the old door left. So I need complete screen door. Preferably one that has screening my cat can’t rip through.

May 27, 2020
Need a replacement guardian screen door
by: Donna

We just purchased our first home and the existing guardian french doors to our deck are great but the screen door needs to be replaced.

May 08, 2020
Contact info
by: Carly

Did anyone get the contact info of the person who does the custom screen doors? I have guardian sliding doors without a screen. Thanks!

Dec 23, 2019
Looking to replace a sliding door
by: Sue

I am looking to replace a sliding screen door that measures 36.5 x 76. Don't know what brand it is. Hangs from the top and has rollers on top and bottom of door. Do you have a door that would work for me?

Jul 01, 2019
How do I order?
by: Kandy

Our Guardian sliders are great. However, someone walked through the screen slider and bent the frame.
How do I order a new screen?

Jun 28, 2019
Replacement screen door
by: Gail

How / where do I order a screen door for a Guardian sliding door?

Sep 24, 2017
by: David Miranda

I have a guardian patio door without a screen as well.
The Home Depot door I bought will not adjust properly. Do your doors come pre-assembled
Do I have to send you the measurements?



Sep 17, 2017
Sliding door
by: Troy

I also have a guardan sling patio door with a messed up sliding screen. It measures 37 wide and 80 tall. Can't find a replacement anywhere. Help please

Jul 01, 2017
Screen door
by: AnonymousRoberto

Hi , I want to know where can I find a 48 X 78 screen door ,
Can find that size any where. The frame is bend . Thanks

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