Sliding Screen Door fits, but top of screen rubs on the frame

by Michael
(Rochester, NY)

I just purchased a new Kolbe replacement sliding screen as the home we bought didn't have one...I now know why.

It seems the frame shifted a bit on the top but only on the screen side, so the aluminum frame of the screen door is rubbing on the vinyl frame that houses both the screen and glass door.
Glass door slides fine.

I got the screen door in with some convincing but notices as it rolls to the center of the track to open to close, it gets stuck and seems to be rubbing on the top.
Is there any way to just trim down the top of the frame to prevent the rubbing without having to disassemble the door and reinstall the screen material? This is a brand new door, will I have to buy new screen material, or can I reuse what is there?


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May 14, 2020
Screen door rubs at the top
by: Adrian

The first thing I would do is measure the height all across the patio door frame. It sounds like its sagging in the middle. Which is a common problem

Sometimes the patio door sits on a concrete slab. The slab cracks in the middle and the door frame gets pushed upward

Other times the wooden frame of the house settles and moves the patio door frame on the inside.

Sometimes you can fix this by pulling off the casing inside the house on the top of the door and then removing the shims in the top of the patio door

That allows the top of the patio door to spring up and allows the screen door to slide freely again

Worse case scenario the frame has settled so much that there is no longer any space between the top of the patio door and the header. Then the only way to fix is to re-frame and replace the whole patio door

This is also the same reason why some patio door glass shatters unexpectedly in the middle of the day or night. The settling is so great , the glass actually breaks.

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