Sliding screen door bugstrip needs replacing

by Cathy
(West Bend, WI)

Where to find specific "weather stripping"

Finseal style bugstrip on a screen doo


I have been in my 30 year old home for 5 years. My dog knocked the screen door off (as you probably have heard thousands of times). The "weather Stipping" (not sure if that is what you call it) came off. On the picture it is the piece in the middle (I'm holding it up). The plastic snaps onto the door (frame (into the place just to the left of it)and then the gray "brushes" go against the window. This part broke and I can't find how to replace it. I don't know the brand of the door. All that is on the door is a label with some numbers on that says do not remove. There is no name. can you help?

Yes that is weatherstrip or a bug strip, I have black vinyl bug strips which are adjustable in size for different screen doors and I also have the white vinyl strip with the finseal as shown in your picture. Contact me if you need to get one.

I have the same problem, different reason, but this piece of weatherstripping on my sliding patio screen door does not go all the way to the bottom and top of the door.

Hi Cathy;

I can send you one of the bugstrips I use on my screen door kits

Check these pictures to see how they are installed.

Send me an email to the address on the the bottom of the home page at


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