Sliding #glassdoor not sliding right

by Lisa B.
(Gilroy, Ca. USA)

My sliding glass door is not sliding right, and it appears to have some kind of crack or broken area at the bottom of it. I am thinking it is still under warranty as we are the original homeowners but I am not sure. I can only find 1 sticker but I don't understand what it means. Could you please help me out?
I appreciate all your time!
Thank you!
Lisa B.

Hi Lisa

Not many sliding doors have the manufacturers name stamped on them.

If the door is not sliding properly it probably means that the rollers are worn out and need replacing, but there can be other reasons

Really tough to tell without pictures of the door showing the rollers and the top and bottom of the door.

Please post some pictures and I will try to figure out what that crack is all about

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