Sliding double latch missing keeper

by Bryan
(Chicago )

Latch open

Latch open

Hello, I just purchased a home and it has a nice sliding door but the mortise lock does not have a keeper installed in the jamb. It obviously was never installed. I don’t know the manufacturer of the door nor lock. Can you identify which latch keeper I will need from my pictures?

The lock has the two “prongs” that latch inward. FYI, It also has the little spring loaded button that must be pressed in before the latch will engage.

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Oct 06, 2022

by: Adrian

Hi Bryan;

There are two locks made by Prime-Line that look like the one used in your door. They need to be confirmed by comparing dimensions to your lock

They are E-2474 here:

and E-2475 here:

Annoyingly both locks use slightly different keepers even though the only difference between the actual locks is the backset or how far back the lock lever is from the edge of the door.

Prime Line does not sell keepers for these locks separately. You have to buy the lock, the keeper and an escutcheon plate

The escutcheon plate is not used on your door. It is typically used on wooden frame patio doors. Annoying because Prime Line does sell individual keepers for a lot of their single hasp patio door locks.

Another issue is that pin that sticks out on your lock. Its not there on the newer E-2474 and E-2475 and may have been removed or your lock is a custom variation which was ordered by the window company.

Would have to press the button in to see what it does. But if the dimensions match and you end up replacing the whole lock and keeper its not really an issue anyway.

Another option would be to check out local glass shops in case one of them has been hanging on to a double hasp lock exactly like yours.

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