Sliding door screens
mounted on the inside

Sliding door screens on the inside are easy to access for removal. They also tend to last longer since they are protected from the weather. The window manufacturer Pella often makes doors mounted this way.

Pella's interior screens have usually a V shaped top. The top track fits in the V and there is often a very long spring attached that functions as an automatic closer.

At the bottom there are two nice ball bearing rollers with tabs of metal that wrap right around the bottom track to stop the panel from jumping off the track.

At the very end of the bottom track, furthest from the lock side, you will find a round notch cut out of the track.

There is actually a second cutout that you cant see, concealed by the bottom of the slider.

Pull the slider all the way over and line up the panel with these notches and the rollers will slip off the track.

Inside screens usually have four rollers, two on top and two on the bottom. With an inside style slider you only need to loosen the adjustment screws on the bottom rollers. Do not completely remove the screws, on some models you wont be able to put them back in without reassembling the whole door !

Look carefully at the bottom track. There is often two notches which match the shape of the bottom roller. Line the roller up with this bottom notch and the slider will pull out from the bottom easily.

Handle the panel with care. Interior screens often have fragile frames and decorative wood trim. They can be very expensive and sometimes not possible to replace from the original vendor.

To reinstall the slider after repair, reverse the procedure and line up the bottom roller with the notch to get it back in. Tighten the bottom roller adjustment screws to get the slider aligned and running freely.

The information presented here should cover most types of slider installation and removal. If you run across different models, please contact me using the form on the slider installation page. I will try to offer whatever assistance I can.

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