Sliding door locks
Handles for mortise latches

Sliding door locks are most commonly the steel mortise style. These types of locks typically have handles with mounting screws spaced 3-15/16" apart.

Prime-Line / Slide-Co in California makes both the handles and the mortise style sliding door locks. They make dozens of different handle styles all with the same screw spacing

You can use different styles of handles, so long as the handle set uses that screw spacing. You should be mindful if the handle sticks out more than your old one. It might interfere with the drapes. But usually a bigger handle is easier to grab on to as well.

That allows you to substitute a handle that might be easily available in your local hardware store or online. If you cant find one locally, please let me know, I may have some on hand or I might be able to send you the link to it on Amazon, if they have it.

This handle has a white painted housing and a wood pull handle. The thumb lever for the mortise lock works with all types of steel mortise latches.

C-1058 BLACK

C-1111 WHITE

These handles have a low profile handle that only sticks out 1-1/2" from the patio door. Which keeps it out of the way of drapes and blinds. It is also really common in high rise condominiums. Below are the overall dimensions

This handle set comes in 2 colors, all white or all black. The interior handle is not quite as high as the C1128 so it is less likely to get in the way of drapes or blinds.

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