Sliding door lock from 1980

by Pavel
(Los Angeles, CA )

I need to replace the lock and handle on this patio door.

I’d like to replace it with a handle that is not flush up agains the glass. The current lock requires a lot of force to push up/down. It would be great to get a lever that is easy to move.

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May 05, 2021

by: Adrian

Thanks for sharing this Pavel

The easy part looks like installing an E2014 Prime-Line lock. The screw holes might even match up but even if they do not you would only have to make two new holes

Prime-Line E 2014 Mortise Lock - Adjustable, Spring-Loaded Hook Latch Projection for Sliding Patio Doors Constructed of Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl, 3-11/16", 45 Degree Keyway, Round Face by PRIME-LINE via @amazon

A new black aluminum handle like a Prime-Line C1058 should fit on the face of the patio door frame.

Prime Line C1058 Sliding Glass Door Handle by PRIME-LINE for $30.29 via @amazon

3 New holes would have to be drilled on the inside, 2 of them would go right through the door. The handle comes with the lever latch or thumbturn

The C1058 is narrow so it should not interfere with the frame when the door is closed but that is something I cant tell from the pictures.

You would also need a keeper so the E-2014 has something to latch into. That would take a little experimentation because the E2014 hook will not stick out as far as it normally would.

You would have to use adjusting screw on lock to make the hook stick out as far as possible

I would leave the old handles where they are because taking them off would mean lots of holes to cover up. Maybe just repaint them black

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