Size of slot for spline

by A. Hara
(Kapaa, Hawaii)

I made a wooden screen door for a very damp location, but it kept rotting out.

I am now making one out of fiberglass but I have to use spline to install the screen, not battens.

So my question is what size slot do I make for the spline?

I have some 11/64 spline but should I make an 11/64 slot, or should it be slightly larger, ie a 3/16 slot?


Hi Thanks for the question.

A rule of thumb is that the slot should be 20% narrower than the spline diameter.

11/64 inch is .172 inches, less 20% is .138 inches.

If you can find a sawblade that will cut a groove close to this size, this should work.

Best thing to do would be make some test cuts in scrap material first.

Its going to be tough to find a blade with the exact width.

I am thinking a popsicle stick with sandpaper and careful sanding might be needed to widen the groove if it proves too tight.

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