Security Screen Doors

Security screen doors have become an unfortunate necessity in many locations. These doors combine the features of a storm door with the security of heavy guage steel and armoured locks which are difficult to Jimmy open. 

They give the homeowner the ability to open the main door and let in the breeze without giving free entry to those who might want to break in to your house.

Armoured Door Lock

A security screen usually has an armoured locking system. Typically it will use high security deadbolts and locks just like your main entrance does. 

In addition there are wide thick steel plates to prevent thieves from using screwdrivers to jimmy open the deadbolt. The plates usually overlap the area where the deadbolt enters the jamb. 

On the the inside there are tamper proof cylinders to prevent those trying to break in from reaching in to operate the deadbolt.

In addition to the locks the steel security storm will have stronger hinges that are covered from the outside and not accessible when the entrance is closed. 

The hinges will usually be attached with long wood screws that extend deep into the jamb and into the framing of the house if possible. This is done to make it as difficult as possible for someone to forcibly remove the door.

Security Storm Door

The security storm can still be made to look attractive by incorporating fancy wrought iron scroll work in to the design. All types of patterned steel bars are used to make the door look attractive yet still very strong. 

Tough powder coat paint also makes the doors available in many colours which will last for the lifetime of the home. The security storm still has the traditional removeable screens so it functions exactly like a regular storm entrance.

Steel Storms

The steel storm entrance makes use of heavy duty closers to make the door easy to operate despite being heavier than most aluminum models. One big advantage to a steel storm is that it does not get damaged as easily in a wind storm like aluminum models can. 

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