Screening is stuck to the windows screen frame.

by Mary Anne
(Springfield, Virginia)

Some birds pecked through the bottoms of window screens on the sunny side of the house. I was able to easily remove the splines, but the screening is baked on to the frames and will not come off. I've searched the internet for advice but no one seems to ever have this issue come up. Any suggestions for removing the old screen without digging every little piece of old screening out of the grooves?

Hi Mary Anne

Yes unfortunately I have had to fix a lot of window screens like that and you have to scrape off the old screen with a utility knife sometimes.

If you have a long plastic wallpaper tray you could fill it with soapy water and let the edge of the screen sit in it overnight, that will loosen it up a bit but in the end you will probably need to scrape some of it clean.

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