#Screendoor repair at Bishops Gate, Oakville, Ontario

Bishops Gate Lower Screen Door Track

Bishops Gate Lower Screen Door Track

Sliding screen doors at Bishops Gate in Oakville, Ontario have a built in problem that causes the rollers and frames to break after a while.

The bottom track that the sliding screen rides on is secured with screws. As well the track itself is not very tall. This causes the rollers to jam and if the door is not adjusted high enough the frame will catch on the screws as well.

Over time this will casue the corners to break and the door will jam and often get bent from being forced open of closed.

Fixing the doors involves replacing the rollers and corners and using rivets instead of screws to hold the track down. This gives the extra bit of clearance needed to let the door operate properly.

If you live in Bishops Gate, Oakville, Ontario, Canada and have this problem call 90-467-0233 to have the door repaired

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