Screen wonT roll up when lifting #glass

by Jackie
(Athens, New York)

Storm Door Panel Clip

Storm Door Panel Clip

I have a screen/glass retractable door. I can lift the glass but the screen won't roll up at the top and the glass just falls back down when I let go. What to do?

Hi Jackie;

Sounds like you have 2 problems here

If the screen at the top wont roll up the first thing I would look for is leaves or dirt that somehow got rolled up into the cassette stopping it from turning.

Carefully pull the screen all the way out, hopefully the debris will come out and it will start retracting again.

If that does not fix it, the spring might be broken and you would need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement cassette.

As for the glass not staying up. Check the panel clips at the bottom of the glass panel. Are they made of plastic ?

Plastic ones get damaged very easily and either wont latch or wont come unlatched.

If they are metal the ends that stick out from the left and right side of the glass panel may have broken off.

Either way you need to get new panel clips. They should just click into notches to lock the panel in place until you pull them out.

Check with local glass shop to see if they have any

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