Screen #spline keeps coming out

by David

I have a sliding screen door whose nylon screen has started coming out twice now. I repaired it in the past just by reinserting the spline. Was that a mistake to reuse the old spline? Is there another spline that would work better than what's currently there (round serrated vinyl 0.155 in)?

Thanks for your help!

Hi David;

Sounds like the spline is too small.

You could try going a little larger diameter perhaps even .175 diameter.

I like using the polyfoam spline because its easier to roll in and make a nice tight locked down connection with the cloth.

The vinyl spline has to be exactly the right size. Its not as tolerant as polyfoam when it comes to different sizes of spline channels.

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Feb 02, 2020

by: Adrian

Try putting a small bead of clear silicon caulk in the spline channel, rolling the spline in and then screw some small self drilling sheet metal screws into the spline every 6 inches as you go. You might need a washer on each screw to hold the spline nicely. The screws should hold the spline in long enough for the caulk to cure and stick everything down.

Aug 10, 2019
Patio spline pops out - wrong type channel in one section
by: Some splinin' to do

I have rescreened my pool area twice after hurricane damage. It is the usual flat spline type. Unfortunately there is one 6-foot section where the builder used a channel for round spline on one edge, and no size will stay in.

I was thinking adhesive of some kind, but I think that maybe I will have to screw in a long metal strip to cover the channel. Even that will be a challenge because the spline will probably pop out at one end before I get a chance to attach the strip. But it has been a while since I worked on it, so not sure.

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