Screen Spline for Four Wind Motorhome RV

by Sunny G
(Hailey, Idaho)

I have a 1996 Four Winds 24ft motorhome with a busted-out screen. I know how to rescreen a screen frame, but I can't find the right spline for this screen frame. Home Depot and Lowe's told me they don't have spline small enough. I somehow found Strybuc, and sent them a piece of the old spline. They said I need a 3/32" spline, which I can't find online. 3/32 = .09375, right?
The window is about 29" square.
Can you help me find a screen spline that will work? ... or tell me that I need to replace the whole screen frame and screen, or what you would do if you were me. There are other windows in the motorhome that I may well want to replace in the future.
Sunny Grant (70-year-old girl )
Hailey, Idaho

Hi Sunny

I carry 3/32" spline because it is used in a variety of older motorhomes and RV's

You can buy the spline from my website using the drop down list on this page

The description is "spline black EPDM .098 diameter"

you can pay with CC you dont need PayPal account

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