Screen door rollers aren't going back in properly.

by Todd
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Hi there,

I have a quick question. I tried to lube up my rollers and used your videos as great instructions but I have run into a hiccup. After replacing all the 4 rollers, it doesn't seem to matter what I do, when the screw is fully retracted (unscrewed) the rollers are still protruding well past the screen. This is how the 2 at the top of the screen were, but now all 4 of them are like that.

I've submitted pictures of my rollers, there seems to be 2 types (both shown together). One with a longer spring than the other. I believe I got the one with the shorter spring from the top and the longer spring from the bottom.
Can you comment on why all the rollers are behaving the same and protruding out. With them all doing this, it will likely be almost impossible to get the screen back in or worst yet, to get the screen back out later.

Also, Do you sell my type of rollers? Seems to look like the rollers that you sell but I'm not sure if there are other types. I did match the dimensions to what you have shown. I don't want to have to replace the corners as well since my screen is in perfect condition.

Do you sell the rollers by themselves? I'll get the corners too if I have to, but want to make sure there is a good chance that your rollers will fit my existing corners.
How fast do you ship out? Assuming you have those in stock. The rollers I would need are the 90020.

Look forward to any feedback that you can provide.

Hi Todd

Thanks for the great pictures !

Seems odd that the rollers wont retract back up into the frame with the adjusting screw all th e way out. Are they pivoting on the axles attached to the corners ? You should be able to wrap your hand around hte roller once its installed and easily squeeze back up into the screen door frame without a lot of pressure. It should bounce back out from the spring pressure.

Its possible your door has the wrong rollers, there is another style that looks virtually indentical to the #90020 style except that it has a different axle connection. If your corners have the different axle arrangement they rollers you have wont attach, wont pivot and might just get jammed in place.

You have the same style rollers as I sell and yes I can send you 4 rollers. The spring difference in yours is a little odd but I have seen a variety of different springs over the years, just not in one door! If I send you rollers you can be sure they will all be the same !

Could you upload or send me a picture of the hole where the roller goes so I can see the axle. I can get the different axle style too if need be.

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