Screen door in need of repair

by Ray Trounday
(San Bruno, CA)

I have a screen door that is probably more than 15 years old and the horizontal frame has started to rust away. In addition, my 1 yr old has torn the screen. I have taken some some measurements of the existing door (top, middle and bottom) for both the width and length.

The width of the door ranges from 48" 7/8 and 49" 1/4. The length of the door ranges from 77" 5/8 at the left and right edge and 77" 13/16. Picture attached. I would like to get some advice on the measurements that I should go with for a DIY replacement screen door. Also, I wanted to understand my options to make the screen more resilient from my terrier tearing it.



Hi Ray

The width of the door is measured from the vertical door jamb where the lock is located to the beginning of the fixed glass.

Check the height of the patio door frame at the left, right and in the center. Measure from the top of the bottom screen door rail, up to the bottom of the top screen door rail.

Let me know what these dimensions are to make sure that the patio door frame is not sagging or twisted due to settling of the house.

If possible please post pictures of the top rail and the bottom rail so I can see if there is anything special about how this door fits

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