Screen door glass panels mis-inserted, can't use screen panel

by Jacquie
(Indiana, USA)

right side inner

right side inner

Older model screen /storm door, (1980s?). Problem: top inner pane and lower outer pane appear to have been swapped. So far, impossible to move or remove either of these panes.

Our objective is to makes the screen, with newly replaced screening material, functional. The screen is in the outside facing channel. So the glass panels are not in the same channel. The moveable glass panel is in the same channel as the screen, so they block one another. Couple of photos from inside of door.

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Jul 21, 2022

by: Adrian

You attached pictures of the panel clips. Do they slide or are they all totally stuck ?

The panel clips on each side need to slide inwards to release the panel so you can lift the whole panel up and out.

Sometimes they get stuck and it can be a real chore to get them loose

Storm doors also have different ways to hold the panels in place. Many have removable plastic tracks on one side or both.

Old doors may use removable metal tracks at the top and fixed ones below.

Still another method used on old doors is to have one track on one side mounted on top of foam rubber. You grab the panel and push against the track until the opposite side of the panel comes free.

Over the years the foam rubber gets brittle and it gets very hard to push the panels over.

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