Screen door doesn't completely close

by Bill T.
(Wilmington, NC)

The home we bought two years ago has four sliding glass doors. Each has a sliding screen door. 3 of the screen doors are identical and close/open just fine. The 4th (most used) door does not completely close at the top.

This door is also different from the other three and appears to be an adjustable bottom replacement door, which you've mentioned are not a reliable replacement. I would like to purchase a reliable replacement, but I cannot find the name of the manufacturer anywhere on the door.

Is there a typical location on the unit for this information? If not or if I cannot find a manufacturer's replacement, what would you recommend for this problem?

Hi Bill;

When a door does not close at the top its usually a problem with the roller adjustment. I dont like the so called universal fit screen doors because the rollers are of such poor quality

But that being said it should be possible to adjust by raising the door a little on the side opposite the gap. To do this you loosen the screws on the adjustable rail a little and push the door up till the door closes tightly against the jamb.

If this does not work, I would be happy to supply you one of my kits. assuming all your 4 doors are the same size, it should be easy to measure one to get the required length and width.

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