Sceeen door 2“ too wide

by Josh

There is a piece on the glass door that pushes the screen door. Because of this, the standard 48” screen door is 2” too wide in order to close the glass door. Any suggestions for a DIY fix?

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Sep 27, 2022

by: Adrian

The only solution is to cut the width bars on the screen door 2 inches shorter.

Sometimes thats easy to do, sometimes its not.

If you screen door has a 45 degree mitered frame and rollers that are 6 inches from the ends, it just might be possible to cut 1 inch from each side.

The problem is there may be corners that have to slide into the ends and if you cut too much off they will end up hitting the rollers.

Some "universal" screen doors are made so that you can cut as much as 5-6 inches off the width to make a custom fit.

Tough to know for sure what your situation is without seeing a photograph of the bottom of the screen door and the rollers

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