Round equivalence of 30.48 flat screen spline

by Paul D
(Fort Myers, FL )

I am replacing a couple of Florida glass panels of our pool cage. I am using pouch of 100 ft. flat screen spline my neighbor gave me. It is still flexible, not old and it works fine. However, it is an extreme royal pain to roll that flat spline in on the bottom row of the panel, which is extremely close to the ground.
I thought that maybe a round spline would be easier to roll in. Can you tell me what diameter of round spline is equivalent to the 30.48 flat screen spline I am using?

Additionally, is a round spline easier to roll in than a flat one in your opinion / experience?

Thank you,

Paul D

Hi Paul

I did an internet search for 30.48 Black screen spline and as far as I can tell 30.48 is the length of the roll in meters. 30.48 meters is exactly 100 feet.

What I need to know to answer your question is the width. The widest screen spline I have is 0.270 inches diameter. Thats usually not as wide as flat spline which is often .3125" wide or more.

I was thinking you could try backer rod which is very much like round spline except that is available in larger diameters. Its not normally used for spline, its primary use is filling gaps prior to caulking.

Here is a page from an ebay search on backer rod:

You might be able to find some locally at big hardware stores like Lowes but more likely at places that cater to building contractors.

Hope this helps

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