Reverse the storm #door #screen to stop dog scratching

by Greg
(Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

I have a storm door with the screen on the bottom and glass on top. My little chihuahua has jumped up and wrecked the screen. can I reverse the screen and glass so the screen is on top?

Jack from PA, USA also asks a similar question:

I have Grand-Children that always rip the screen on my storm door. I was wondering if I could flip the insert so the screen is on top instead of on the bottom?

Hi Greg and Jack;

Most of the time its possible to put the screen on top.

You need to make sure that you install the glass frame upside down. The glass frame has a U shaped form that must mesh with the bottom of the screen frame.

If the glass is not put in upside down there will be a gap between the glass and screen frame.

You might have to flip the glass portion upside down so that the u shaped channel the normally sits on top of the screen is at the top.

That way there wont be a gap when the screen frame and the glass meet

As well, with the screen on top, the moveable glass panel will never completely close. There will always be a small gap at the top.

If you can live with that, everything will work fine.

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Oct 04, 2023
Larson storm door NEW
by: Anonymous

I have to raise the window from the outside. How to change it. Also the top glass and screen are built in . I would like the screen on the top .

Aug 24, 2023

by: Adrian

You wont be able to flip the operating sash around and be able to open it from the inside.

You should be able to still put the screen at the top and have the existing top sash moved to the bottom

To do that you take the top sash and flip it upside down and slide it into the slots where the screen went.

Then you put the screen on top using the channels for the top sash. Because you flipped the top sash upside down you now have a channel for the screen to drop onto.

Lastly you put the operating sash back. The only issue will be there will always bee a 6 inch gap above the operating sash even when its at its highest position.

But if the dog cant reach the screen thats a small trade off

Aug 23, 2023
Screen door
by: Anonymous

A storm door was installed inside out. We have to open and close the window from the out side. Can I reverse the window and screen, without taking off the door?

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