Reverse the storm #door #screen to stop dog scratching

by Greg
(Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

I have a storm door with the screen on the bottom and glass on top. My little chihuahua has jumped up and wrecked the screen. can I reverse the screen and glass so the screen is on top?

Jack from PA, USA also asks a similar question:

I have Grand-Children that always rip the screen on my storm door. I was wondering if I could flip the insert so the screen is on top instead of on the bottom?

Hi Greg and Jack;

Most of the time its possible to put the screen on top.

You need to make sure that you install the glass frame upside down. The glass frame has a U shaped form that must mesh with the bottom of the screen frame.

If the glass is not put in upside down there will be a gap between the glass and screen frame.

You might have to flip the glass portion upside down so that the u shaped channel the normally sits on top of the screen is at the top.

That way there wont be a gap when the screen frame and the glass meet

As well, with the screen on top, the moveable glass panel will never completely close. There will always be a small gap at the top.

If you can live with that, everything will work fine.

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