Retractable screen won't stay closed

by Melissa
(Victoria, BC)

Using compass to check magnetic strip

Using compass to check magnetic strip

We have a retractable screen that won't stay in the closed position (the screen just slams shut) when we try and keep it latched. It is on a french door, so we have two that meet in the middle coming from each side. It used to work but hasn't for awhile. Is there any fix that we could do on it? Bought it at home depot a million years ago but can't remember the brand to get more specifics.

Thanks for any advice!

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May 09, 2020
Retractable screen door wont stay closed
by: Adrian

My first thought is the magnetic strip used on the retractable screen door has lost its attraction.

The magnetic strip is what keeps the door closed against spring tension that pulls the screen back into the cassette

Magnets can lose their attraction for a number of reasons but mest likely its the exposure to the heat of the sun thats caused this.

If the manufacturer can sell you a new magnetic strip that is wonderful

If not you can use a strong magnet to remagnetize the magnetic strip. But you must find out the north and south poles of the existing strip first.

You can do this with a compass as shown in the picture. The compass needle or north pointer will get attracted to the magnetic strip.

If you can get your hands on a big neodynium magnet you will have to test it with the compass in the same way to find out which end is the north pole.

Then you flip the magnet around so the north pole is opposite to the north pole on the magnetic strip.

Run the big magnet up and down the length of the strip and it will remagnetize and be able to hold the door closed again

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