Retractable screen on storm door

by Sandy

My screen is ripped on my double hung storm door. Is there a way to fix it? It is ripped all the way across.

If you know who made the door, its worth contacting them and asking if they sell spare roll screens.

Unfortunately many companies dont really care too much about spare parts but nevertheless its worth a try.

The screen itself is no different than regular screen cloth you can buy in the hardware store.

If you are comfortable with removing the broken rollscreen I would try cutting a new piece of cloth to match the old and rewinding it on the old roller.

The mechanism is really no different than a window blind. The only trick is attaching the screen to the roller because they often glue the screen on with tape or adhesive.

A window blind shop should also be able to repair rollscreens but it might take some phoning around before you find someone willing to give it a try.

Hope this helps !

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