Rescreening wood insert for 1980's storm door



3/32" (.09375 inch) diameter rubber spline

This is a wooden insert to a combination screen/storm door. House was built c 1980. Opening for screen has 1/8" routed groove all around it. Old screen I am removing is in there with staples, so I don't have sample of the original spline. I'd like to use a standard fiberglass screen. The staples made a mess of the wood, which I had to strengthen with wood hardener and epoxy, so I'd rather go back to spline.

Any thoughts on what spline to use? How about a 3/32 nylon rope?


No problem using 3/32" diameter rope if you can find it. Thats what was used in the 1920's. It would definitely take some experimentation and a few different rope and twine sizes to get it right.

Even insulated electrical wire will work but again you have to find exactly the right diameter.

I have 3/32" diameter rubber spline on my spline page. Its used a lot by people who own RV's or recreational vehicles particularly in old Airstream models.

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