Replacing 1/4" aluminum spline

by Scott
(Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada)

I am replacing the aluminum screens in my older house with fibreglass screens. The old screen was held into a 1/4" groove with what looks like 1/4" aluminum spline.

Shall I install the fibreglass screen in the 1/4" groove with 0.250" polyfoam spline or 0.270" (or your recommendation?).

Importantly, do you ship to a Canada address?

Hi Scott;

Yes I ship Canadian orders from my Canadian address

I think you would do best with 0.270" spline if you are using fiberglass cloth. That cloth is a not as thick as the old aluminum screen wire and the 0.270 should grip a bit tighter.

If you are putting aluminum cloth back in then 0.250" will work fine

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