Replacement sliding patio door handle set

by Derrick W
(San Francisco, CA)

Hi, I have a handle set that I want to replace just to refresh the look. The holes are 4 15/16" apart and when I look at Prime-Line, they have a replacement handle, but the lever is for a mortise lock with a square keyway. I have the type of mortise that is like most of the other mortise locks (E 2014)). I thought I could just replace the lever and I would be in business but the lever does not fit in the circle that it is supposed to lie in the handle set. I cannot seem to find any handle sets that are 4 15/16" that will work with a my E2014. Do I need to drill new 3 15/16" holes as that seems to be a more common size and offer me a wider choice of handle sets.

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