Replace Screen Door track

by Susan T
(Sutton QC)

Damaged screen door track (side and upper)

Damaged screen door track (side and upper)

Hi Adrian.

My name is Gussy Turner. My husband Peter and I live in Sutton QC, in an old house. We’ve done lots of renos but somehow the problem screen door has been overlooked.. The door has a PVC Frame on the top and the side. The bottom frame is aluminum and seems fine. The door has wheels on the top and bottom. I believe that we can replace them easily enough. The screen door can’t ride smoothly because it falls off the ridge every time.

I had a friend here helping us and he was having trouble with your measurements. Are they metric? Please let us know so that we can get the proper measurements.

If you think that you might have the right product for us, we’ll be so happy. We both prefer to repair rather than buy new if we don’t have to. It was wonderful to find your website.

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards,

Susan T.

Hi Susan;

Thanks for the great pictures. The dimensions shown on my screen door track page are just decimal inch sizes provided by the manufacturer. For all intents and purposes my track is 1 inch wide and is designed to work with a screen door that is 7/16 inch thick. That pretty much cover 95% of all screen doors.

Being in Canada we are blessed with being the center of the universe as far as window parts are concerned. I have access to a variety of screen door tracks. I prefer using aluminum tracks but I have the original pvc tracks in stock as well. All my tracks can be used as jamb tracks. Thats the name for the channel that the edge of your screen door closes in to so that any gaps are hidden.

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