Reinstalling the top track for sliding door

by Lisa S.
(Hamilton, ON)

Hi there--thank you for this website and all your work in answering people! I am looking for advice in how to reinstall the top sliding track (vinyl E-shaped) from my screen door.

I popped the top and right side tracks from out of the main frame without damaging them, --the top track was in rough shape but the right side was fine, so I hoped to swap them.

My screen door couldn't slide properly with the current top rail. Now I can't get them back in--I'm afraid they will snap. Should I ask my hubby to strong arm them in? Thanks!

Hi Lisa;

Thanks for the kind words !

You should still be able to snap the vinyl tracks back in place. You just need to be careful with how much force because vinyl gets brittle with age and it might crack.

You should only need thumb pressure to snap them in but if you need more than that try using a wooden door shim or slim piece of wood to spread the force over a wider area when I am pushing it in.

Once you get it started on one end it should be easier to push the rest of the track in as you push slowly along the whole length.

Good Luck!

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