Question about Vanguard patio door lock you show

by Heather R
(Vancouver, WA)

The left hand Vanguard double hasp patio door handle with thumb turn that you show on your site is something I am looking for! But no one seems to have it any more.. is that true? I can't find anyone that has it or knows how to get it. Do you still? I don't know for sure how broken it is (I haven't had a chance to check if the thumb turn is broken or what) but the latches are definitely not staying put when turned. Sounds like I will probably have to replace it one way or antoher and I was just curious if you still had a way to find it (not knowing how old that page might have been). :)

Thanks for any information you can provide!
Heather R
Vancouver, WA, on (you called it) the west coast

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