Question about channel to track measurement

by Brian

I am following your directions on how to measure a screen door, channel to track.
In your directions, step 1 is to measure the channel to track distance (78.75"), step 2 is to subtract 1/4" (giving me 78.5"), and step 3 is to keep that number.
When I am entering on your website, you ask whether the height I input is the "actual door measurement", or the "track to channel" measurement.

The actual door we have is loose, so I don't want to measure it.

I am assuming that the number I enter is the number with the 1/4" already taken off? So the height would be 78.5"?

I realize it might be intuitive, but I just wanted to make sure before I had you cut and make a door on an assumption!

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Jun 19, 2021

by: Adrian

Hi Brian

The channel to track measurement less 1/4 inch is the actual door size

I show the actual door size on my form because a lot of people have the old broken door and just measure directly from that

If you enter the actual door size thats the size i will make the door

If you enter the channel to track measurement I will subtract 1/4 inch and then make the door to that size

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