Property Manager needs assistance

by William T
(World Golf Village, Saint Augustine, Florida )

Screen door channel used for side jambs

Screen door channel used for side jambs

Had a couple homeowners barter one of their screen sliders and asked if I could transport and install it for them which I answered "yes of course" like I always do.

Problem is the original track the slider come from has a top track that does not have a rail that the screen door fits over but instead it's a channel the door just sits in. The frame I'm trying to install the screen slider in has the standard rail in the center of the channel.

This makes the door to big to fit. Can I cut the aluminum rail out of the channel and what's the best way to do this without causing jagged catch points or can I cut a place in the top edge of the frame to fit the rail? Trying to do this an inexpensively as possible.

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Sep 27, 2022

by: Adrian

It would be really difficult to cut the center rail out without some serious milling machine with a travel long enough to accomodate the whole rail.

I find it easier to cut the screen doors 1/4 inch shorter. If you have chop saw with an aluminum cutting blade its no problem but you can also do it with a hacksaw and miter box so long as you clamp down the frame to make a nice clean cut.

The top rails i sell have the center rail. There are companies that sell plain mill finish aluminum channels that have 1/2 inch space between legs to work with most screen doors.

You might want to check Anything That's Aluminum Inc in Palm Bay Florida, they carry a lot of screen repair components. Metals Supermarket is another place that sometimes has suitable channels

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