Pool Enclosure Flat Spline

by Mr Ed
(Orlando, FL)

I have a Florida aluminum pool enclosure built around 1990. I replaced a lower panel with a pet screen when our German Shepherd ran through it chasing a neighbor's dog.I used some cheap round spline from Walmart which was blown out during stormy weather.

I think the old spline I dug out of the channel was flat. Is there a conventional size flat spline for pool enclosures (T spline) or does it vary and require a sample to make the determination?

I read to go one size smaller I think for pet screen spline.

Appreciate the help. Thanks.

Hi Ed;

Yes finding the right spline size does take a bit of experimentation.

Usually with T spline if you measure the width of the spline groove then the width of the spline will be the same.

Be careful though because some spline grooves flare out and are wider at the bottom.

One way to test the width is to whittle down on a popsicle stick until the end just fits snug in the spline groove. Take a piece of screen cloth and see if the popsicle stick holds it in snugly.

Whatever the width you end up cutting the popsicle stick too ends up being the width of the spline.

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Feb 02, 2020

by: Adrian

Old spline can get brittle after years in the sun. When you try to pull it out it breaks into a million tiny pieces.

Often I end up slicing through the spline with my utility knife from top to bottom and then hooking out the pieces with a sharp awl

Sep 09, 2016
Remove Old Spline
by: Anonymous

Take pointed needle nose pliers and pull. Comes out very easy.

Dec 09, 2015
removal of old flat spline
by: jack

forgot to tell us how to get the old I mean old flat spline out of groove. What a problem that is putting new spline in is easy it's removal of old one that is the problem

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