Polar bear screen door repair

by James W
(Lake Charles)

What is the lowest temperature I can install spline into the screen ? In other words what does the temperature have to be for a good installation ?

Hi James;

Thanks for the interesting question
I had a property manager up here in Canada that had 4 screen doors on a community room to repair at a high rise condominium.

He had been waiting for approval and finally called me out to repair the screen doors on December 24th. It was -10 Celsius that day or 14 Fahrenheit.

No problem to report with the spline but my fingers darn near came off from the wind and cold. You have to take your gloves off to get the spline in properly which is the only limitation.

The point at which the spline starts getting too hard to roll from the cold would also be the point at which the person rolling it in instantly freezes to death.

I am pretty sure I wont be doing any screening jobs in Arctic weather again. I do like to do the Polar Bear dip every January 1st however !

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