Pocket Pella Sliding Doors

by John



I recently bought a house that was previously owned by an interior designer so I'm learning that comes with a lot of quirks... My living room has two older Pella sliding glass doors that were installed as pocket doors. It really doesnt look like the doors were made to be mounted this way but actually work well and look cool.

Anyways one of the doors is missing the screen door and the other needs the screen replaced. I realized given the way the doors are mounted I dont know how to get the screen door out. The door doesnt slide enough to get past the wall molding. Is there a way to take the screen door apart to get it out? Or maybe I need to remove the molding on the wall?? Do you also happen to know what model screen door this is (I want to get a replacement for the door without the screen)?

Last question...given this configuration if I wanted to replace the rollers on one of the glass doors is there a way to get it out?

Thanks...pics attached...let me know if you need more to figure out whats going on.


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