Plisse retractable screen needs replacement cords

by Ron
(Ontario, Canada)

I have a phantom retractable accordion type screen door and the retractable cord has to be completely replaced due to wear.

Phantom screens do not have the cord but will sell a new door but I would prefer to replace the cord and I have been unable to

Find a black replacement cord.

Would you suggest as to where I could get a replacement cord ?


Hi Ron

I have had questions about the Plisse pleated retractable screens before but so far yours is the first one about the replacing the cord.

Right now I dont have any sources for the cord. Try calling Plisse

6705 Hwy. 290 W., Ste. 502
Austin, TX 78735
Contact No : 866.571.8870

This address seems to be their agent in the USA

If that does not work out, please post pictures of the cord here and how it fits on the cassette and draw bar. With a bit of luck we might be able to figure out a replacement material that is easier to find.

Also I moved your question to the retractable screen Q&A area

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