Pet Screen - T-Spline options?

by Scott
(Solon, IA, USA)

I need to replace our sliding screen door screen with pet screen. I know a you're supposed to step down a size or two in spline, but the current spline channel and spline is already .125". I don't see anything smaller than that.
We purchased a screen door for our garage and special ordered it with pet screen. I see it has a T-spline in it. Not sure the grove width. So I'm thinking I need a T-spline on my sliding door. How do I know what size to get? It's sized based on the top of the T width, not the actual leg that goes into the grove.


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Sep 20, 2020
T Spline
by: Adrian

Hi Scott;

My self I would avoid using T Spline with Petscreen on a sliding screen door.

The reason is that Petscreen is so thick you need a reasonably wide spline channel for the T spline to lock it down properly.

Use round Polyfoam spline with Petscreen, it is much more forgiving. You can still get a tight fit

And even if the dog runs through it the Petscreen will just get pushed out, it wont rip. You can just roll it right back in again

T Spline has to be exactly the right size to match the frame and screen material to work properly.

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