Pella Retractable Screen Question

by Guest

I need to replace the mesh on my Pella screen door. Can I use screening material alone or do I have to buy the manufacturers complete part? Ive fixed numerous screens over the years and am comfortable with it.

One of the problems with retractable screens is what to do when the mesh gets ripped.

You pretty much have to replace the the whole cassette because the mesh is attached to the roller and often glued on making it very difficult to just pull the mesh out like a regular screen door

In some retractable screens the mesh is attached to the roller with a press in clip and attached to the pull bar with replaceable spline

These types can be repaired if you have a large table to lay the whole thing flat with the mesh completely extended.

You would also need side rails and clamps on the table to keep the mesh perfectly square to the roller and to the pull bar.

Not impossible but a bit awkward for the average homeowner.

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