Patio Screen Door replacement
for Property Managers

Patio screen door replacement is something that as a property manager, you may need to deal with. If you are responsible for these items as part of common elements or if you want a product to reccomend to residents and owners who are responsible for buying their own.

Screen doors are all custom built but if you manage a hi rise condominum, at least you can be sure that there are only a few sizes used in the building. For example, A hi rise condo may have different height screen doors on the ground floor and on the top floor. Or one of the floors may have a different height due to plumbing or mechanicals within the ceiling.

Townhouse complexes often have french doors which use sliding screen doors. These screen doors often fail due to the constant opening and closing of the french door. After a while the fixed panel starts to creep outward until it rubs on the screen door. It's not long before the screen door gets worn out and in need of replacement.

Patio screen door replacement is the only option when your old screen door is bent beyond repair, or is missing entirely. There are basically two choices when considering a patio screen door replacement. Buy a rollformed screen door, or buy an extruded aluminum screen door.

Rollformed aluminum screen doors are the type you might see for sale at your local large home improvement center. They are typically made of very thin aluminum, which is rolled into a rectangular shape for strength. These doors usually feature an adjustable shoe so you can adjust the height of the door to match your patio door opening. These doors are ok if you need a door to get your house sold but they are not something to use if you expect to your patio screen door replacement to last for many years.

Extruded aluminum screen doors are what you need to look for when doing a screen door replacement. These are often sold by glass shops and window suppliers. They need to be custom ordered so you have to carefully measure your patio door opening so that they fit properly. An extruded aluminum screen door is much much stronger than the cheaper rollformed door. 

Buy an extruded aluminum door with ball bearing steel rollers, these make the door operate much more smoothly and give you years of good service. Extruded aluminum doors are not indestructible but they do last if cared for properly.

If you want to purchase a patio screen door replacement, here are instructions for assembling a "knocked down" screen door. A knocked down screen door is simply a screen door that is shipped to you in pieces for you to assemble.

These instructions apply to my own screen doors but most doors are assembled this way and so the instructions will still apply for a number of different manufacturers.

If you would like to purchase one of my doors, look for the instructions at the bottom of the page.

patio screen door replacement 001

Make sure you have all the parts for your new screen door. There should be:

  • 2 long vertical rails
  • 2 short horizontal rails
  • 4 die cast aluminum corners
  • 4 ball bearing rollers
  • 1 screen door handle
patio screen door replacement 002

Using a rubber mallet, hammer the corner into the end of one of the short rails until it stops. It should be a tight fit. If the corner fits loosely in the screen door frame, replace the frame. You need tight corners to hold the door together properly

patio screen door replacement 003

Continue using the rubber mallet to hammer in the corners into both ends of the bottom rail

patio screen door replacement 004

Continue using the mallet until all 4 corners are installed in both the horizontal rails

patio screen door replacement 007

Take one of the horizontal rails with both corners installed and use the rubber mallet to hammer on the bottom of the rail to push the exposed end of the corner into one of the vertical rails.

Make sure the miter joint matches up perfectly after hammering the two rails together.  Repeat the procedure on the opposite side of the horizontal rail using the other vertical rail.

patio screen door replacement 005

Repeat the procedure by hammering the remaining horizontal rail onto the ends of the two vertical rails. 

After the frame is completely assembled , install the rollers. Hook the long spring on the

roller into the cavity of the horizontal rail as shown in the picture.

Twist the roller against the spring so the pin fits into the notch in the corner. Let go of the roller and it should snap into the cavity with the roller sticking out a small amount. Push on the roller to make sure it moves up and down freely.

If you need a quotation for screen door kits, or complete fully assembled screen doors please fill in the form blow. If you are not clear about the exact sizes, just estimate them, the form will still return a price along with helpful information to properly measure for screen doors.

If you would prefer to use the phone, call 1-866-904-2383 to talk to me about the screen doors you need.

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