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by Margined

Does your mortise lock look like this?

Does your mortise lock look like this?

My sliding door lock would not engage when I used the lever on the handle assembly. I opened the door and loosened the mortised plate.
The plate slid down to the end of the slot. I closed the door and now am unable to open the door. I tried many times to disengage the latch and can't make it unlock.
I dismantled the handle assembly. I can reach in with a screw driver to work the latch but am unable to slide the door open. The plate apparently traveled down far enough that the latch remains engaged. What would be a solution to disenage the latch so I can open the door?

I posted a picture of a common mortise lock and Im assuming this is what you have.

Take the inside and outside handles off the door by removing the 2 screws that hold the handles together. The mortise lock shouldnt fall down inside the door because the hasp is engaged.

Stick a small screwdriver blade right through on the holes in the mortise lock and lift it up to get the hook to lift out of the keeper mounted on the door jamb.

You might have to jiggle it around and shake and dance a little but it should come out.

When it comes free dont drop the lock down inside the door. Leave the screwdriver blade poking through to keep it in position while you put the screws back in that you originally took out.

Hope this helps.

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