Patio door lock - Replacement seems impossible!

by May
(Provence, France)

Unfortunately we found ourselves locked out, with a key in one door and a patio door locked. No idea how this occurred, nightmare situation as the patio door key was in the house!!

Our neighbour tried to drill through the patio lock (see photos) and that did not work. In hindsight this was not the best idea...however in rural France we were not having any luck with a locksmith on a Sunday.

We managed to get in through an open window, however we now have an issue with a broken lock and no way to replace it. We cannot see any screws to remove the black handles and have been told by the local handyman that we must replace the whole door. It would be a real shame to have to do so.

Do you have any experience in this lock at all?

Kind Regards,

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Apr 29, 2021

by: Adrian

Hi May;

I know many European patio doors use North American hardware but this is definitely not one of them

Could I trouble you for more pictures ? The handle is black and its really hard to see detail.
The hasp inside the door looks somewhat familiar, would like to see close up of that if possible

It appears the outside handle has to come off before the screws are revealed that go right through the door and hold the inside handle on

I would be looking for tiny screws around the perimeter of the outside handle, perhaps underneath the lock cylinder area

Or a plate or pin that has to be pulled out to free the outside handle

It might just be the outside handle is a cover that is clipped on and needs to have a screwdriver blade shoved under it to pop it off

I have seen situations where door bottom rollers were glued in to force you to replace the door when they wore out, but I have never seen that done with a handle, you have to be able to replace the lock cylinder for example.

Worse case scenario you hacksaw almost right through the outside handle and split it apart with a nice big screwdriver.

Usually the handle is made by a different company than the company that made the door, so the handle would have to have been installed at the factory with screws

If you can get me more pictures maybe I can see something i am not seeing now

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