Patio door handle with lock missing

by Julio G
(Las Vegas NV )

Prime Line Handle being used on an Acorn door

Prime Line Handle being used on an Acorn door

I have a sliding glass door without handles, latch, locking mechanism and keeper. All that's there interior and exterior handles. Im confused on the locking mechanism i need.the pictures hopefully will help.

Hi Julio;

Thanks for the pictures

I think that handle you have is made for a Prime Line E2014 mortise lock and its not the right one to fit your door.

Your door looks more like an Acorn door. The hole spacing on an Acorn door is 3-1/2 inches center to center, so check how far apart the screw holes are that are used to hold the handle on.

Here is a link to the Acorn handle set with everything you need

If that does not look like it will work please send me dimensions and hopefully we can find something that fits

Hope this helps

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