Passage knob set for sliding screen door

by Dino
(Niagara Falls, ON)

I have a couple of small dogs and we keep the sliding screen door locked to prevent them from sliding the door open with their noses.

The lock is just a "pull towards you twist and release" that clips into a bracket in the door frame.

I'm not so much concerned about the security of the locked screen as much as preventing the dogs from opening the screen.

This works okay when the dogs are in the house.

I'd like to add a passage knob set that would allow me to have the door "locked" but be able to open it from the outside. So the dogs can't open the slider from outside and come in, but I can still open the slider from outside.

The slider is an aluminum build that is about a cm thick. Everything I've seen is designed to lock from the inside with no ability to unlock from outside (without a key). I really would like a knob or lever passage system.

I see you have a spring closure that might suit my purpose.

Do you have or have you seen a passage set for these aluminum screen slider doors?


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