Only Half a Storm Door

by Iver

Stuck Left Bolt

Stuck Left Bolt

I have a Chamberlain Eldorado Insulating Storm/Screen Door. There is a fixed glass on the bottom half, a fixed screen on the top half, and a moveable glass that can be moved up from the bottom half to cover the top half.

This is held in the lower position by two sliding latches that the manual calls "sash bolts". The one on the right side works fine, the one on the left is stuck so I can't slide up the moveable glass to the "winter" position.

I have tried putting a flat blade screw driver diagonally against the pull part and hammering the handle end, no luck. There is nothing obvious interfering with the movement.

How do I get the left slash bolt (and thus the moveable window) unstuck so I can keep warm?

Hi Iver;

The bolts are held in place with a tiny nub that locks into position in a hole in the bottom of the sash. The nub also has a spring on one side that allows you to slide the bolt over so that it snaps into the slots in the vertical side rails.

I'm guessing the spring has got jammed or the sash bolt itself is bent and jammed into the slots in the vertical rail. You've tried pushing it with screwdriver. Try lifting the sash and pulling in case the sash bolt is stuck on the bottom of the slot.

Next look underneath the sash and see if there is a small hole underneath the sash bolt. Take an awl or other pointed tool and push up into the hole to push the tiny nub up. The sash bolt should come loose and slide all the way across.

If the sash bolt is bent in the slot its not going to slide very easily.

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