Old Wood screen door

by Michael
(Chatsworth CA)

old wood door needs screen put in it

old wood door needs screen put in it

Hi Adrian,
We have and old wood screen door we are trying to refurbish and put up before the bugs get bad. The last few years it was pretty dry, but there are supposed to be a lot of rain in South California this winter = more bugs, right?

See the pics attached they are probably self explanatory but: it is solid wood, 3/4" thick,
there is a 5/16, wide x 5/16 deep channel cut into the narrow edge of the wood where the old screen went. All staples and old screen have been removed.
We want to do this or get it done in the old fashioned way but nobody wants to touch it, do you think we could get it done ourselves?

Thanks very much,
for any feedback or info,
in advance


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