Not Very Handy

by Kristi W
(Fort Worth, Texas )

I have a large sliding screen door and have tried to replace the screen but CANNOT for the life of me, get the spline to stay on the track. I bought the exact same size spline and the tool to install it but it simply would not stay put. Should I just give up and replace the screen door?

Sounds like you just need the right size spline

Any chance you can take a picture of the channel the spline fits in with a measuring tape included in the picture ?

That way I can get an idea of what size spline you need.

If the spline is too big, it will be way too hard to roll in. If your spline is too small it will just come out too easily.

Some doors require special spline shapes especially some the ones made in the fities and early sixties

You can post pictures here or email them to me at the email address on the home page of fixingscreens

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May 20, 2016
Don't replace the whole door
by: Chazman

Even if you can't do it yourself, may hardware stores can replace the screen for you at a cost that would be a lot less than re[lacing the door. Do a YouTube search for "How to replace a door screen". There are quite a few that can help/\.

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