New way to make screen spline

by Sherwood B.

I have a an older patio door that uses a size spline larger than the usual .18 that I can get at Rona. That size works well when installing metal screen, but the more flexible plastic screen won't hold.

No one had a size between 0.18 and 0.25 which couldn't even be hammered in.

I ended up using double sided carpet tape, and folding the screen over it on the edge, making a 2 ply + tape sandwich. This is holding.

I was also wondering about using foam backer rod. This is often used behind caulk. It's more compressible than the polyfoam. Would it work?

Hi Sherwood

Yes backer rod is made by the same companies that make spline, and is often the same material, just larger diameter.

I Have .200 and .225 round spline in stock because of the reasons you talk about. You have to match the spline to the material to get it to hold nice an tight.

Your custom made solution sounds great. I have seen electrical wire used before and good old fashioned rope, which is what spline was in the beginning anyway.

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Jun 05, 2016
Great idea!
by: Chazman

You have given me a great idea for a solution to my problem, that is, trying to install Pet Screen on an Anderson Forever screen door. These Forever doors have flat spline screen and Pet Screen is too thick to use the stock flat spline. Anderson was of no help when I asked them about it.

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